Public Sector Consulting

For nearly 70 years, Newmark Grubb Zimmer’s work in buying, selling and developing real estate has included interaction with local, state and federal governmental entities. Those activities have included the actual “at risk” development of over 30,000,000 square feet of commercial buildings together with the development of some 3,000 acres of industrial and business parks across the Midwest.

Today, the Newmark Grubb Zimmer team also includes expertise gained from serving on the governmental side of economic development including membership on City Council, Chairmanship of Planning and Zoning Committee, role as City Director of Economic Development, member of TIF Commission, state Development Finance Commission and other local and state boards and commissions. This hands-on experience, coupled with professional planning experience, offers clients a completely rounded approach to this key community responsibility.

The Public Sector Consulting group of Newmark Grubb Zimmer differs from other planning firms in that its knowledge and experience in actually executing economic development plans give it a much broader perspective than a firm qualified only in textbook planning without the benefit of hands-on experience, including the risk of its own resources.